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Bio. Richard Elizondo

Born: 3/31/1977

Height: 6'

Occupation: Telecommunications Engineer / Senior Consultant

Martial Arts Experience:
1984 - Tae Kwon Do
1989 - Judo
1991 - Started Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu
1993 - American Jujutsu (Received Shodan 1996)
2000 - Wan Yun Loong Combat Lab / Returned to Budo Taijutsu
2002 - Received Shodan in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and WYL Combat System
2003 - Appointed Instructor in the WYL Combat System
2004 - Received Nidan in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu
2004 - Received Sandan in WYL Combat System
2007 - Started Machimura Ito ryu
2011 - Received Sandan in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu
Other Arts Studied:
Muay Thai
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
5 Family Kung Fu
Hoshinryu Dim Mak
Kabudo Weapons
Additional notable training:
PR24 Baton Certified
Personal Protection Officer Training
Anti-Terrorism Training
Advanced Firearms Retention Training
Person Protection Escort Training
My 2 Boys, Caleb and Jayden
My Wife Sarah

An Inside Look from Richard

There are few things in my life I enjoy more then my Martial Arts training. Spending time with my wife and sons is of course on top of my list. I love my wife and boys dearly and can not wait until the day my boys are able to start training. Hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I have. My love for my wife and boys makes me want to train and be a better person for them.

I look at life as a group of personal challenges, all requiring the proper response. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don't, but in either case we live with the circumstances of the path we have chosen. Balance in ones life is very important. If you can not find balance in your life, then you will never find balance in your training.

Budo is really a way of life. It reflects how one lives, works, plays, and trains. Those who understand its meaning can usually find peace in everything they do. If you train with serious discontent in your heart, and constantly feel the need to compete with everyone, then you will fail in real combat. In combat you must be able to give yourself up, and think only of your duty, whether you are defending your country or defending a loved one. The training we do known as Muto Dori (unarmed against a sword) is a fine example of this. If you can think of nothing other than fear of the sword, you will be cut, however if you can just give yourself up, relax and just move, you will do fine.

I train with many different Shidoshi in the Bujinkan. The following is a tribute to those who have been so willing to help me in my quest to understand this art. Each sparks a different energy in my training as explained below.

Pete Houting (Fu)
My first instructor in the Bujinkan. Pete was always the dangerous wind beneath your balance. Still to this day one of the best instructors, and friends, I have known. I feel fortunate that he accepted me as one of his students even though, at the time, I was not old enough to join the class. He ignited the passion in me for this art.
Sonny Gary (Chi)
I took too much of the time I spent with Sonny for granite and really miss our training together. Sonny was, by far, one of the most talented martial artist I have ever met. He years of experience out weighed anything I could demonstrate. His background in Chinese martial arts was fascinating, and although we both studied under Pete Houting, it was clear to me from the day I met him, I wanted to be his student. Sonny shared an incredible amount of knowledge with me in just the few years we trained together. His mentoring not only effected my martial arts, but also changed my perspective on life.
George Russell (Sui)
I met George Sensei at the OFB3 seminar in 2003, and was impressed by his down to earth attitude and great sense of humor. George Sensei doesn't settle for being told this should work, he likes to see it for himself. His knowledge of Bujinkan kata is exceeded by his ability to realistically apply it.
George Sensei is one of the best kept secrets of all time. The more you get to know him, the more you see just how good he is. If George called tomorrow needing a vital organ from me, I would use my Shoto (Short sword) to get it for him.
David Castleberry (Ka)
I also met David Sensei at the OFB3 seminar in 2003. He was George Sensei's teacher. The pain this man inflicted on my body with such small movement, I will always remember. David Sensei is a true warrior, and a very skilled martial artist. His ability to "light the fire of pain" is quenched by his warm smile and big heart. David Sensei is well respected and many who outrank him on paper, still consider him the authority on real combat. David Sensei also has a real knack with the cane and is a firearms specialist. It is a real honor to know David Sensei.
Joseph Adriance (Ku)
Sonny Sensei used to tell me of this one Shidoshi from Del Rio who was "really good". I met Adriance Shihan at the OFB3 in 2003 and was blown away by his skill and friendliness. I was so impressed with Adriance Shihan, I would try to catch him every time he would visit La Marque, TX. Adriance Shihan is the most knowledgeable Shihan I have ever trained with. His taijutsu is remarkable, and in my opinion, he has what many Shihan are missing in their training. Sometimes his training is overwhelming to me, and I feel as if I am caught in a vortex of knowledge I can not escape. There is something about Adriance Shihan that intrigues me and keeps me wanting more, that I can not explain. He is just so "real" I can not explain it. There are many Sensei that I can impress with my skill, he is not one of them, and I like training with him for that reason. I judge a good teacher not by there compliments, but by their ability to find our faults & help us to fix them.

I would also like to mention a few other people whom I hold in high regard, and have been fortunate enough to have met along the way.

Thom Humphreys (Aka. The King of Texas)
I met Thom at the OFB3. I knew I was in trouble the moment he put a wrist lock on me. This man is a master Jujutsuka, with years of experience to back it up. Thom has become one of my best friends. He is a very straight forward person and will often help someone without any thoughts of personal gain.
Kendall Kelsoe  (Austin Tanemaki Dojo)
I met Kendall Sensei at George Sensei's belt testing review in Liberty Hill. I could tell right away we had much in common. We are both big kids inside overgrown bodies. Kendall Sensei has a way of boiling my creative blood, and making me want to build a weapon. Kendall Sensei is a fine swordsman and a true gentleman. His knowledge of Japanese weapons far exceeds mine. We both enjoy testing our swords on a regular basis against traditional and non-traditional targets. Both of us enjoy building weapons, however he does a much better job with swords than I possibly could. I lack the skill and patience with wood & steel that he has. Kendall Sensei is a good friend to have. I am glad to have met him.
Ed Martin Shihan (Papasan)
One of the pioneers of Ninjutsu in the United States, Papasan is still a very active roll of the martial arts community today. He is truly an inspiration to us all, and one of the most dedicated Shihan I know. His calm demeanor and warm smiles are truthful of Ed Shihan as a person, but very deceptive of his Martial abilities. His Ojijutsu (Old Man Techniques) can send a much larger attacker crashing to the ground or running for his safety. Ed Shihan's knowledge is matched only by his heart. He is a living example of Budo at its finest. I am honored to know him and to train with him.