Aldi is massively raising the price of milk

July 1, 2022 at 5:17 p.m food prices : Aldi raises the price of milk significantly Aldi Süd logo (symbolic image). Photo: ©ALDI SÜD/ALDI SÜD Mulheim/Ruhr Milk prices are moving again in Germany. The Aldi discounter on Friday raised the price of a liter of whole milk of its own brand Milsani by 17 cents … Read more

At Höffner, outlet furniture is unbeatably cheap on Saturday (July 2).

01/07/2022 19:40 92,180 At Höffner, outlet furniture is unbeatably cheap on Saturday (July 2). Strong offers at Höffner on Saturday (July 2): Garden furniture, sofas, wardrobes, chairs and more are massively reduced. There is also a huge outlet sale going on. ADVERTISEMENT Germany – This is how furniture shopping makes you happy! in Höffner another … Read more

Supermarket: The price explosion of this Aldi product

Inflation does not seem to stop even with milk. Now even Aldi is raising prices.Image: dpa / Karl-Josef Hildenbrand Inflation does not seem to stop even with milk. Prices for it are skyrocketing – now even at Aldi. AGAINSTIn the future, consumers will have to dig deeper into their pockets beyond the so-called “white line”. … Read more

Liquidity problems: Default brings new bad news for the crypto market: Is Lehman 2.0 threatened by crypto hedge funds Three Arrows Capital? | news

Forex in this article Three Arrows Capital is facing bankruptcy Default reported by creditor Is the industry at risk of a Lehman moment? The loss of value of cryptocurrencies has not only left investors with deep red portfolios in 2022, but also crypto companies are experiencing a drop in price. In addition to cryptocurrency lending … Read more

Semi-integrated convertible: Knaus-Tabbert’s residential firework Bulli –

Cabriolet semi-integrated Knaus-Tabbert’s Bulli camp fireworks 07/01/2022, 18:21 Three new motorhomes based on the VW T6.1 and the Crafter body: For the 2023 model year, the Knaus-Tabbert Group is betting above all on the still fresh cooperation with the commercial vehicle division of Volkswagen – and convincing with flexible solutions. Current supply bottlenecks and inflation … Read more

Savings Fact Check: How Good Is A Hydraulic Balancing Energy Tip?

Fact checking for saving How good is the hydraulic leveling energy spike? 7/1/2022, 6:51 p.m Energy experts especially emphasize a tip for saving heat on heating: hydraulic balancing for heating systems. What’s behind it – and how much will you actually save? Many of the energy saving tips mentioned today are useful to some extent … Read more

Fear of crash: Deutsche Bank warns money against falling economy

Fear on the stock exchanges, prices are falling: “The German stock index (Dax) fell by more than 2,000 points in June alone, which is a historical negative record,” says market analyst Jochen Stanzl of CMC Markets. Investors have not experienced such a minus eleven percent for the month of June since the launch of the … Read more

“DAX possible drop to 10,000 points”

Jens Erhardt DJE Kapital’s CEO still sees declining potential in Dax. (Photo: Thomas Dashuber for Handelsblatt) Frankfurt Jens Erhardt has been in the financial business for half a century. With this long stock market experience, the 80-year-old man looks at the nervous stock markets in the shadow of the Ukrainian war. Some time ago, a … Read more

The airline wants to create a space: Lufthansa sells European tickets at top prices

The airline wants to create space Lufthansa sells European tickets at top prices 7/1/2022, 4:42 PM The measures are limited, but the prices are considerable: In order to keep Lufthansa free to rebook, it offers national and European tickets only in the most expensive booking class. The airline has previously canceled thousands of connections due … Read more